Today I celebrate my birth and the birth of my new cd “I Am Here To Tell The Story”. I have always been interested in sharing my message of hope and celebration of life. I have done this in the last few years as I have spoken to groups large and small, local and national. I have been over whelmed by the responses I have received and realized that this is what I want to devote my time and energies to.

I Am Here To Tell The Story

Listen to this heartfelt experience of a cancer survivor as she shares her journey from diagnosis to recovery. This cd will touch anyone diagnosed with cancer, their loved ones and the friends who will provide the much needed help and support. You will find this cd helpful and moving, practical and inspirational. This is dedicated to all of those who are about to embark on their own journey.

$ 5.00 + Shipping and handling

Audio version of full speech available for download for $1.29.


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